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fingerprintWe have just learned late this afternoon from CPS that members who have NOT been cleared to return to work on Tuesday should NOT report to work on Tuesday unless they get an email clearing them from CPS sometime before Tuesday. Instead, uncleared members should stay at home but will be paid. All impacted members should get an email from CPS this evening, Saturday evening, Sunday evening or Monday during the day. CTU Acting President Jesse Sharkey has spoken with CPS CEO Janice Jackson about this, and our union staff are working tirelessly to resolve issues for individual members. Feel free to email your CTU Field Representative with details about your situation as soon as you learn them.

The email that we sent you earlier this afternoon is still the protocol you should follow:

Any members who CPS flags in the background re-check process and from whom CPS requests more information should comply with those requests. Those members can contact their CTU Field Representative with questions or concerns.

Again, CPS has made an utter mess of this process, and members are completely justified in being upset about it. The Union has demanded that no member suffer any adverse action due to an inability to meet CPS’s haphazardly established timelines or for matters concerning background items that pose no legitimate concern for student safety. This is why members who are not cleared by Tuesday will be nonetheless paid. The Union will provide updated information that we obtain from the Board as soon as we receive it. In the meantime, members should report where CPS directs them to on Tuesday and contact their Field Representatives with any issues. The Union will challenge all directives that violate our contract and demand that CPS make all members whole for any losses from those violations.

To protect yourself and avoid allegations of insubordination or misrepresentation in connection with the background re-check process, do the following: promptly, diligently, and honestly make best efforts to provide CPS with background-check-related documentation that it has requested, and keep CPS apprised of those efforts through sending emails to For members with arrest records originating in Chicago about which CPS is requesting more information, you should take the following steps if you have not already:

  1. Get your arrest record from the police department at 35th and Michigan. If CPD says it will take 7 days to process the request, ask for a receipt showing that you made the request and provide it to CPS.
  2. Go to Room 1006 at the Daley Center and ask for a certified disposition of the case connected to any arrests (or a “no records found” letter from the clerk of the court).
  3. Bring to the CPS Garfield Park office the certified disposition or no records letter, the arrest record or receipt from CPD verifying a request for it, and a brief letter explaining the circumstances of the arrest (e.g., “I willingly took this trespass arrest as an act of civil disobedience as part of a CTU protest against toxic school financing schemes perpetrated by Bank of America and other financial institutions that have robbed CPS and its students of millions of dollars. No charges were pressed against me and the case was dropped.”)  When you thereafter receive the arrest record from CPD, provide it to CPS.

For arrests outside of Chicago, you should follow the same steps at the police department and circuit court in the jurisdiction where the arrest took place.