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Rahm and RaunerIn 2012, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner—then chief education advisor to Mayor Rahm Emanuel—told participants at a panel sponsored by the right-wing Illinois Policy Institute

“The critical issue is to separate the union from the teachers. They’re not the same thing. The union basically is a bunch of politicians elected to do certain things — get more pay, get more benefits, less work hours, more job security. That’s what they’re paid to do. They’re not about the students. They’re not about results. They’re not about the taxpayers.”

The small club of billionaire thugs who backed Janus – including Governor Rauner – have bottomless checkbooks and oppose democracy. These are the same deep-pocketed billionaires that want to privatize education, steal our retirement security, and bleed our state government dry. 

We’re an effective, democratic, fighting union.

We’ve been aggressively reaching out to ALL Chicago Public Schools educators and clinicians. Since last September, almost every single one of our fellow educators has signed a new union card. Close to 99% of all eligible CPS employees – teachers, paraprofessionals and clinicians – are members of CTU. Our success rate is higher than any other AFT local of our size. And we’re still GROWING our union, by bringing back PSRPs this June who CPS had pulled out of our union, along with new job categories that include college career specialists and attendance coordinators.

Rahm, Rauner and their Billionaire Bros.

Our enemies, including Rahm and Rauner, have tried and failed to destroy public education in Chicago. As mayor, Emanuel has fought CTU’s efforts to bring democracy, equity and progressive revenue to our school communities.  Instead of leading our school communities, he has closed our schools, laid off veteran and Black educators, and refused to allow us to elect our school board. We understand the power of staying unified and belonging to an organization that fights to win the schools our students deserve – a commitment that Emanuel and his chief education advisor, Rauner, relentlessly oppose.

Expect right-wing organizations to contact you and lie. 

Right wing groups like the Mackinac Center, The Illinois Policy Institute and The Freedom Foundation will send your mail, knock on your door, call your home, and email you through your address to trick you into NOT paying your union dues. 

Who are they?

Groups funded by billionaires that will try to trick you into siding with Donald Trump and people who oppose public schools, women’s rights, civil rights, racial justice, progressive revenue, pensions and labor unions.  Simply, these groups oppose everything we fight for as a union.

When we Fight We Win.

We have a powerful antidote: a democratic, fighting union that organizes with parents, students, local residents, neighborhood groups and allied organizations to demand the educational resources our students deserve.  CTU will continue fighting for our school communities and the rights of students, educators, clinicians, and paraprofessionals.   CTU is gearing up for a contract fight to compel CPS to clean filthy schools, staff special education, pay us fairly and lower class size. Your continued support and participation helps make CTU strong.

If you haven’t signed a union card in the last year, click this link and fill out an application! And if you’re a fair share CPS employee eligible for CTU membership, join our union today. United, we are stronger than the billionaires who want to end our pensions, slash our jobs, jack up our workloads and cut our pay. United, we cannot be defeated.