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The CTU House of Delegates voted to adopt the following endorsements at its December 5, 2018 regular meeting.

For Mayor

Toni Preckwinkle

For City Treasurer

Melissa Conyears-Ervin

For City Council

(CTU members in bold)

Challenging Candidates

15th Ward Rafa Yanez
20th Ward Jeanette Taylor
22nd Ward Mike Rodriguez
25th Ward Byron Sigcho
33rd Ward Rossana Rodriguez
37th Ward Tara Stamps
40th Ward Diane Daleiden
46th Ward Erika Wozniak
49th Ward Maria Hadden

Incumbent Candidates

4th Ward Sophia King
5th Ward Leslie Hairston
6th Ward Rod Sawyer
10th Ward Sue Garza
13th Ward Marty Quinn
16th Ward Toni Foulkes
17th Ward David Moore
29th Ward Chris Taliaferro
32nd Ward Scott Waguespack
35th Ward Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
45th Ward John Arena