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Campaign: Special Education Staffing

Fall 2018 CPS Special Education Issues:
Take the Survey!

Sun-Times front page with headline about CPS nursing shortage. Click link to read article.In May 2018, after a months-long investigation, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) found that CPS has systemically violated special education laws over the last two years. ISBE appointed a monitor to oversee reforms that should have started this school year. But advocates continue to hear that problems with special education service persist. At the same time, CTU certified school nurses have reported a chronic crisis in staffing for the health care needs of our students — reports that have begun breaking in local news outlets, including Channel 7 and the Sun-Times.

The CTU has worked closely over the last three years with a committed group of advocates to demand better for our students. Now, those advocates are conducting a comprehensive survey of conditions in our schools today.

Support our students and the CTU demand for adequate staffing for special needs students: take the survey and pass the links along to parents and guardians and ask them to take the survey, as well. Advocates used the results of the previous survey to document critical shortcomings in SPED services — and this new survey will provide the vital data that advocates and the CTU need to demand that CPS support our students and our clinicians.

In the survey, please provide up-to-date information about your experiences this school year. Only include information about issues you are CURRENTLY witnessing or experiencing. Advocates hope to present this information to the ISBE/monitor and demand both ISBE’s and CPS’ commitment to appropriate services for students with disabilities. This survey contains 17 questions. It will close at 9PM CST on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

See below for language in Spanish that you can share with parents and guardians about the survey:

Otoño 2018 Problemas de Educación Especial en las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago (CPS)

En mayo del 2018, después de una investigación que duró 5 meses, la Junta Educativa del Estado de Illinois (ISBE) descubrió que las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago (CPS) habían violado sistémicamente las leyes de educación especial durante los últimos dos años. ISBE designaron un monitor para supervisar las reformas que deberían haber empezado este año escolar. Sin embargo, defensores continúan oyendo que los problemas con los servicios de educación especial persisten. Por favor de dar al Grupo de Defensores información actual sobre sus experiencias este año escolar. Solo incluye información sobre problemas que están viendo o sufriendo ACTUALMENTE. Esperemos presentar esta información a ISBE/al monitor y demandar que ISBE y CPS sigan sus compromisos a dar servicios apropiados a estudiantes con discapacidades. Esta encuesta contiene 17 preguntas. Se cerrará el 2 de octubre, 2018.

Survey in Spanish: