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Campaign: Fighting for Fair Contracts

Teachers and staff at both charter schools and district-run returned to work this fall in full fighting mode for the contracts we deserve. Teachers and staff at more than 30 charter schools are fighting for new contracts. The current contract for educators at district-run schools expires in June of 2019.

Our contract is powerful

Educators at district-run schools won new protections in our 2015-19 contract around reduced paper­work, class size reductions, fewer standardized tests, job security, more grading autonomy, 15 minute preps, limitations on REACH, school staffing and other critical resources.

Our contracts and our unity give us the power to thwart administrators’ attempts to play us against one another and improve our working conditions so we can best serve our students’ needs.

Our greatest power lies in our unity, when administrators know their staff won’t tolerate — and will fight collectively — against violations of our rights. An active Professional Problems Committee and unity among staff are key to making our contract work for us in each school.

Together, in unity, we can win a better contract, better working conditions — and better schools.

Whatever we do, we’ll do it together. You have a part to play.

Spring Transfer Window

Teachers can transfer schools without principal permission between Nov. 18, 2018 and Jan. 2, 2019.

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